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VR Framework

VR Framework is a system for creating a virtual reality games using your PC, and Android smart phone, and Unity 3D.

The concept is simple. Just include VR Framework in your Unity game and install the Android client on your smart phone. Instead of creating a script that inherits from MonoBehavior, have it inherit from PCClientBase. This class contains a property called ControllerMessages. Within it are all of the sensor readings from the phone. Just set your main camera orientation to the accelerometer values from the phone. And, presto, when you start your game, your main camera will be controlled by the phones orientation. VR Framework automatically sends video from the main camera to the Android client. So, you will see the view of the main camera on the phone.

The next step is to create a mount to connect the smart to a helmet. This will serve as the VR Visor. I've already started on creating a model that can be printed out on a 3D printer. It is still in its early stages.

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